Monday, 3 February 2014

Never quite...

A poem is never finished, only abandoned. ~Paul Valéry
So I've done a presentation render of the Kennedy, thus far. Finished then? Never, but sometimes finished enough. In this case there are some tweaks before she moves to the paint shop. Missing turrets on the forward section, a piece of cable work that 'sets off' that 'neck' between the nose and the spin section. The odd nip and tuck.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Kennedy Close to completion

Blender in action - this is my standard modelling layout. Good isn't it?

Going in for the (detail) kill
It's 12:40 and Noah has been crying on an off since about 11:20. I'm posting this entry as a break from his quivering tonsils. I'll have to go back with a new sleep plan, although I've already used up all my tricks.

So what about the Kennedy? Tonight I made solid progress on the surface details and made some decisions on where my design parts company with the references. Turrets are mostly in place. Whilst I've kept the general layout of Laurent's drive section I'm holding off actually fitting a thrust nozzle. I tried to make the turrets a little less sexy with the bulbous emitters rather than barrels. This may need to change - I'm still making my mind up about approach.

Tomorrow, if I get scrape the time I'll have this ship modelled to completion. Horrah!